Our Core Values


Pinetree Advisors does not belong to any financial institution and, therefore, has relationships with various institutions. We are a 100% independent company without any conflict of interest. This allows us to offer the best solutions to different customer profiles.


We do not have sales-targets related to bank products. Fairness in Financial Advisory means freedom of opinion and ability to offer customers products that stand out in the market, independent from the interests of banks and institutions, this way avoiding and reducing the problem of ‘Product-Pushing’.

Alignment of Interests

Our clients’ interests constitute the overriding objective of our advisory activities and we are not subject to the slightest conflict of interest when dealing with financial intermediaries, banks, custodians and any other entities.  Our compensation is not linked in any way to product sale targets.   Only the very best solutions available are presented to our clients, because our only incentive is our clients satisfaction and loyalty.

Transparency & Integrity

We are committed to the highest standards of Transparency and Integrity. We negotiate the best possible banking fees on behalf of our clients and our compensation is based solely on our management fee. We strive to obtain the best deals from third parties and the most efficient and cost effective executions.  

Access to several banks and platforms simultaneously

As an Independent Adviser Firm, we manage client portfolios at various banks in several countries at the same time. We gain access to numerous operating platforms, reports and analysis simultaneously and we provide a Consolidated Report to our clients.

Strategic Relationship

We maintain long-term strategic relationships with our clients through generations so they can count on stable, trustworthy and effective support by an experienced professional for any request, any information, any project and any need related to their investments.